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Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Discounts Revealed in New Review at Cherry News Website

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 27, 2014

Disney has capitalized on the success of its Frozen franchise and more products are now being released for the holiday season. The Cherry News company is now revealing the Frozen Castle and Ice Palace discounts that exist from top retailers in the guide at http://cherrynews.com/frozen-movie-gift-guide.

The known retail price for the Ice Palace and Castle is currently more than $ 100 through many retailers selling on the Internet. A drop in price is now promoted through one major retailer to help consumers who are planning to buy toys for children on the web for the 2014 Christmas holiday.

"Frozen is one of the most successful Disney films in recent years and consumers can now find a range of top toys available in the U.S.," said one Cherry News source.

The new gift guide that is available to consumers to access through the CherryNews.com portal includes more than the Ice Palace and Castle now on sale through retail outlets. Detailed information about all Disney related movie products are inserted into the guide as well as a direct outbound link to retailers.

"Toys for children are one of the largest income generators for major retailers during the holiday although prices will usually vary between Internet outlets," said the source.

The Cherry News company has provided its portal for independent news since the 2011 year in the United States. New agreements to syndicate all content through the holiday season are now in place. Consumers seeking additional guides can access the company homepage to learn about additional retailer discounts.

About CherryNews.com

The CherryNews.com company supports men and women who make purchases online from top retailers in the U.S. Through news reporting and product reviews, the company writers help deliver last-minute data that can help shoppers make good decisions when buying on the Internet. The CherryNews.com company has provided its portal for use on the web to remove the lengthly research often common during the holiday shopping season.

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Disney Frozen Toys Gift Guide Open for Holiday Shoppers at News Portal Online

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

Parents who are beginning to search this holiday season for the to Christmas gifts for children can now use the Cherry News portal for assistance. A Disney Frozen toys gift guide is now in place for review at http://cherrynews.com/frozen-movie-gift-guide to provide a list of the most in-demand toys for children aged 14 and younger.

The success of the Frozen film in 2014 has created new opportunities for Disney to monetize toys through the holiday season. According to recent news reports, sales of Frozen dolls and other merchandise are expected to top sales of Barbie related products in the U.S. The CherryNews.com guide is expected to help more parents choose Frozen movie-themed gifts this year.

"The gifts that appear inside of our review also include a link to each item from a top retailer that has been researched to have the lowest prices available," said one CherryNews.com source.

Holiday shoppers who are not interested in authentic Frozen merchandise from Internet retailers could benefit from additional guides posted this month by the Cherry News company. A new 2014 Christmas gift list is accessible at http://cherrynews.com/top-christmas-2014-gifts to provide additional access to retailer price drops.

"The guides that we publish each year during the holiday season include links to hand selected retailers that are marketing a low price for consumers," said the source.

The Cherry News company has completed the renovations of its website this month to make it easier to find price guides and published content for consumers. The availability of the price guides is expected to continue through the close of the New Year's Eve holiday this year.

About CherryNews.com

The CherryNews.com company helps the public to find reviews and price information from retailers throughout the United States. The company portal has been designed to be easy to use and to showcase different products at peak times of the shopping season. The CherryNews.com company has now syndicated its most important content through various providers this year to improve the reach to consumers planning to shop on the web for holidays.


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Elsa of Arendelle Doll Discount Added to Price Review Guide at Consumer News Website

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 25, 2014

The success of the Disney film Frozen this year is expected to boost holiday sales for children's toys, according to retail estimates. The Cherry News company is now helping consumers to explore sale pricing for the Elsa of Arendelle doll this year through its price guide at http://cherrynews.com/top-christmas-2014-gifts.

Holiday shoppers who plan on purchasing authentic merchandise from known retailers could benefit from the overview provided in the newly published review. While more than one company is releasing Frozen movie merchandise, the review is centered around the Mattel line that is one of the most respected in the life-like dolls industry in the U.S.

"The discounts that are revealed in part through our price guide could help the average shopper to save cash buying feature film merchandise this year," said one Cherry News rep.

The ticket sales and merchandise for Disney related films in 2014 has helped to set the foundation for the success of films like Frozen, according to new marketing data. The Elsa of Arendelle doll and related products that are set for release this holiday season are expected to be at the top of many Christmas lists.

"We're expanding our toy reviews this year with new holiday information for popular products and we're scheduling daily price curation for our guides," said the rep.

The Cherry News company will continue reviewing and posting information for consumers during the Christmas season of 2014. New distribution is now in place for textual content published to the company homepage. The outlets that are now in use to deliver the company content are helping to give more access to retailer price information for the buying public.

About CherryNews.com

The CherryNews.com company provides the public with guides each year that help deliver the best-selling products and price information from retailers. The company is now syndicating a range of content for the holiday season. The CherryNews.com company has a team of professionals who research and publish content that consumers access from the homepage each day of the year.

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