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Announcement: BluesGuitar.com Releases G Dominant 7th Guitar Lick Over a 12 Bar Blues Progression – Blues Guitar Lesson

(PRWEB) April 19, 2014

You can use this in a 12 bar blues or a 2 - 5 - 1 chord progression or anywhere you have a dominant 7th chord, but it does have a bluesy flavor to it, says MacLennan. This is a great way to get into chordal soloing. Jon demonstrates how to play this lick as follows: first is a Gb7 (G flat 7) with his third finger on the fourth fret of the fifth string; first finger on the second fret of the fourth string; and second finger on the third fret of the third string. Jon strums this chord voicing and does a slide up one half step to G and he follows that with third fret of the fourth string first finger; fourth fret of the third string with second finger; and third fret, second string with first finger. Next is an Ab13 (A flat 13) which after a strum, he slides down one half step to A13. So now, I have approached the chord from below and above, says MacLennan. Jon continues this lesson performing the chordal soloing lick over a 12 bar blues backing track following the changes of the 1-4-5 chord progression. Guitar tabs are available for this blues guitar lesson at BluesGuitar.com.

Jon MacLennan

Los Angeles-based guitarist Jon MacLennan began his career at the age of 16 and is one of the busiest upcoming session guitarist, artist, composer, producer, and professional educator in LA. Jon has done session work for Julian Lennon, Steven Tyler, and British pop star Jamie Cullum. He has appeared on Disney channels The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and on the sound track to the movie Marley and Me 2 The Puppy Years. MacLennan earned a bachelors in ethnomusicology and jazz guitar studies from University of California, Los Angeles, and has been mentored by Carl Verheyen, Wolf Marshall, Kenny Burrell, Anthony Wilson, Tamir Hendelmen, Jimmy Wyble, and Ron Anthony, which has made him a highly sought after guitar instructor today.

About BluesGuitar.com

BluesGuitar.com is the leader in modern blues guitar instruction. Its packed with recourses including articles, video lessons, and the best videos in the business for the beginner to the advanced guitar student taught by the best instructors out there.


Tippett Studio Animates the COSMOS

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Tippett Studio has re-joined forces with TED director Seth MacFarlane to create eye-popping visual effects for COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey.

Tippett Studio Supervisor Eric Leven oversaw the creation of more than 200 effects shots in just over 6 months for the re-boot of Carl Sagans beloved 30-year-old COSMOS: A Personal Voyage series' 13-episode run. Tippett Studio's work includes a tour of the solar system with The Ship of The Imagination and the lonely journey of the Voyager spacecraft as it heads towards the edge of the Milky Way. All the work, from the rings of Saturn to the hardy but microscopic tardigrade creatures, was scrutinized for artistic detail as well as scientific veracity.

I loved the Carl Sagan show as a kid, and I think for those of us who experienced that its always been a dream to work on a series like this," said Leven.

The series had an unprecedented March 9th launch, when COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey debuted simultaneously on 10 different US television networks, as well as internationally on 220 channels in 181 countries.

Tippett Studio uses Dell Hardware Servers, Switches, and Precision Workstations to power through their work with increased render speeds and higher quantities of images in shorter amounts of time.

FOX's COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey was produced by National Geographic Channel, Fuzzy Door, and Ann Druyan, widow of the late Carl Sagan. Tippett Studio continues its ongoing relationship with the usually boundary-pushing MacFarlane, creating the VFX for his summer comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West.

About Tippett Studio

Founded in 1984 by animation pioneer Phil Tippett, Tippett Studio is an Academy Award


Dead Presidents (The Full Movie) in HQ

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Chris Renaud & Pierre Coffin – Despicable Me

Chris Renaud & Pierre Coffin - Despicable Me

from Dr Seuss' The Lorax + Despicable Me

Price: USD 9.99
View Details about Chris Renaud & Pierre Coffin


Mercy Colleges Egyptian Fulbright Scholar Reflects on Life in New York

Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. (PRWEB) March 08, 2014

While many have been complaining about the snow, Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Hagar Saddiek loves it cant get enough of it. This is the first winter the Egypt native has ever experienced. Saddiek arrived in New York in September has become immersed in American culture.

Saddiek said: I came here because I wanted to learn but I also wanted to clear up many misconceptions people have about Egyptians, Muslims and the Arab world. We dont drive camels and women are not captive. We are free to do as we wish and travel clearly I am here. She said she also wanted to see if America is really the way it is portrayed in the movies and for the most part she said it is! Americans are incredibly friendly and very straightforward. I really like that; it is a good way to be. It is also so diverse here, there are people from everywhere. I didnt realize how many Muslims I would find in New York. I also had the amazing opportunity to meet people from Ukraine, Japan Dominican Republic, Haiti and many other nationalities it was fascinating. I would never have that opportunity in Egypt.

What shocked her the most was that there are poor areas of the country. I was shocked to learn there are homeless people in America.

Saddiek who teaches academic skills at the German University in Cairo, is teaching Arabic in the School of Liberal Arts at Mercy and taking graduate classes in the School of Education.

Saddiek, lives on campus said assimilating to American culture has been easy. She finds college students have an incredible amount of energy and love music. They listen to music all the time even in the shower. She said with a smile, I now know all the words to every Eminem song ever written.

Saddiek, who has been busy going to Broadway shows, said of all the American cities she has seen on both coasts New York has really captivated her. New York will always have a special place in my heart.

Mercy College

Founded in 1950, Mercy College is a private, not-for-profit higher education institution that offers more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs within five prestigious schools: Business, Education, Health and Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Mercy College offers an engaging and personalized learning experience that includes the Colleges revolutionary Personalized Achievement Contract (PACT) program. The Mercy College PACT is the first program of its kind and now serves as a nationally recognized model for mentoring. http://www.mercy.edu/. 877-MERCY-GO.


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