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Elsa of Arendelle Doll Discount Added to Price Review Guide at Consumer News Website

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 25, 2014

The success of the Disney film Frozen this year is expected to boost holiday sales for children's toys, according to retail estimates. The Cherry News company is now helping consumers to explore sale pricing for the Elsa of Arendelle doll this year through its price guide at http://cherrynews.com/top-christmas-2014-gifts.

Holiday shoppers who plan on purchasing authentic merchandise from known retailers could benefit from the overview provided in the newly published review. While more than one company is releasing Frozen movie merchandise, the review is centered around the Mattel line that is one of the most respected in the life-like dolls industry in the U.S.

"The discounts that are revealed in part through our price guide could help the average shopper to save cash buying feature film merchandise this year," said one Cherry News rep.

The ticket sales and merchandise for Disney related films in 2014 has helped to set the foundation for the success of films like Frozen, according to new marketing data. The Elsa of Arendelle doll and related products that are set for release this holiday season are expected to be at the top of many Christmas lists.

"We're expanding our toy reviews this year with new holiday information for popular products and we're scheduling daily price curation for our guides," said the rep.

The Cherry News company will continue reviewing and posting information for consumers during the Christmas season of 2014. New distribution is now in place for textual content published to the company homepage. The outlets that are now in use to deliver the company content are helping to give more access to retailer price information for the buying public.

About CherryNews.com

The CherryNews.com company provides the public with guides each year that help deliver the best-selling products and price information from retailers. The company is now syndicating a range of content for the holiday season. The CherryNews.com company has a team of professionals who research and publish content that consumers access from the homepage each day of the year.

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SAE Faculty Member Creates Music Score for Independent Film “Lakay”

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

SAE Institute Chicago Audio Technology Program Instructor Jon Pierre is the composer of the music score for the documentary film Lakay, which opened in select markets around the U.S. in October 14. Lakay, which received five star reviews from HollywoodChicago.com and film fan site Fandango.com, is the story of two U.S. immigrant brothers and filmmakers who return to their native Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Because Im Haitian, the film was very emotional for me to score, says Pierre, whos a winner of multiple Telly Awards for his compositions. I wanted all audiences to connect to the images on the screen, so I chose a melodic palette that most people could relate to while trying to tell the story with the music. Thats my job as a composer: to serve the film.

Pierre was born and raised in the north suburbs, south suburbs, and downtown of Chicago. His family was musical: his father taught himself to play guitar while he was growing up in Haiti, and both of Pierres siblings play a variety of instruments (Pierre plays saxophone, drums, bass guitar, and keyboards). He played in the wind ensemble, jazz band, and marching band of Illiana Christian High School in Lansing, IL and graduated in 1999.

In 2000 he entered University of Illinois as a computer science and math major, and in his spare time composed music in his dorm room. Realizing that music was his true calling, he changed his major to music composition and enrolled at Columbia College in Chicago. During his first semester, he was hired as a composer and producer in training at Dupee Productions, one of Chicagos top music production companies, where he worked with artists on Hidden Beach/Sony Music including Darius Rucker, Jill Scott, and Kindred the Family Soul. After graduating Columbia College with a degree in Music Composition in 2004, he left Dupee and started Jon Pierre Music, where hes been producing independent records and scoring full-length feature films and documentaries, video games, TV commercials and promos, and movie trailers.

When SAE Chicago opened in 2011, Pierre applied for an opening as a part-time instructor. Having worked at the school for over three years, he holds the SAE Audio Technology Programs curriculum, as well as the quality of SAEs students, in high regard.

SAEs winning philosophy on creative media education is reflected by the quality of equipment and award-winning faculty that they provide to their students, says Pierre, whose music has been featured in Fox TVs So You Think You can Dance?, American Idol, and over 100 other TV programs. Ive taught at other schools, and SAEs facilities, instructors, and resources surpass them all by a long shot. SAEs students are the best because the majority of them know what they want to do, theyre very focused, and theyre ready to work hard when they get here. They love challenges and want to use the opportunity that SAE is giving them to gain as much experience as possible. This makes it a pleasure to teach them.

Currently, Pierre is developing a library of EDM, R&B, and hip hop tracks, as well as orchestral cues and trailers, for licensing. Hes also working on a pop project for an actress who was formerly a star on the Disney Channel.

My advice to SAE students who are interested in pursuing work as film composers would be to start right now, says Pierre. Get your hands on any film scoring projects that you can find. At the beginning, youll most likely score student films for free, but thats okay because youll be developing your skills so they can be showcased later. Start building a solid network of people in any area of the film industry and try not to burn bridges. Dont be afraid to move to the West Coast so you can assist film composers out there, especially big name ones if you can manage to track them down and convince them to give you a shot. Most importantly, be humble, work hard, hone your craft, and everything will turn out just fine.

About SAE:

SAE Institute provides aspiring creative media professionals with a foundation of practical theory and valuable hands-on training in their chosen areas of concentration. Under the guidance of our faculty, which is comprised of working industry professionals, students gain the essential experience they need for entry-level jobs in the entertainment business. Our students are supported in their job searches by SAEs international network of alumni, many of whom are leaders in the music, film, game arts, and live performance arenas. We offer programs in audio technology across our seven US campuses, along with a music business program at select locations, all fully accredited and focused on preparing students for employment when they graduate. Bachelors Degree programs in Animation, Audio, Film, Game Art & Graphic Design are available at the two locations of Expression College, which is owned and operated by SAE Institute Group, Inc. SAE Institute Group, Inc. is a part of Navitas LTD. Learn more at USA.sae.edu.

About Navitas:

Navitas is an Australian global education leader, providing pre-university and university programs, English language courses, migrant education and settlement services, creative media education, student recruitment, professional development, and corporate training services to more than 80,000 students across a network of over 100 colleges and campuses in 27 countries. Learn more at Navitas.com.


Los Angeles Times – Movie Reviews – Kenneth Turan & Betsy Sharkey – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times - Movie Reviews - Kenneth Turan & Betsy Sharkey - Los Angeles Times

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Godzilla – Movie Review

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisStuckmann TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Chris_Stuckmann OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.chrisstuckmann.com Chris Stuckmann r...

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie review

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt must save the world from an Alien invasion hoard, by having Tom Cruise live the same day over and over again. Jeremy reviews "Edge of Tomorrow"! See more videos...


Lori Lerner – Radio Links Hollywood – STEP UP 3D – Movie Review

Lori Lerner - Radio Links Hollywood - STEP UP 3D - Movie Review

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AVGN the Movie Review by Doug Walker & You.

AVGN the Movie Review by Doug Walker & You.

IMDB AVGN Movie reviews: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2123146/reviews?start=0 A very good AVGN movie review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvDD8kUqAzc Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/TheArchfiend...


Priest Tyaire, The Next Tyler Perry, Debuts His New Musical Stage Play Mrs. Independent Starring Robin Givens, Christopher Williams, Dottie Peoples and Tony Grant

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) September 10, 2014

Now available: Interviews with playwright and cast, as well as limited ticket giveaways, for radio stations and media outlets.

Priest Tyaire today announced the release of his latest inspirational, musical stage play Mrs. Independent starring actress Robin Givens from the movie Boomerang; debonair actor-singer Christopher Williams from the movie "New Jack City"; Stellar Award winning singer Dottie Peoples, the soulful, Grammy nominated Tony Grant of Tyler Perrys Love Thy Neighbor, and featuring the lovely and talented actress Trisha Mann-Grant. This highly anticipated production has already enjoyed a very successful spring tour in major cities and is now scheduled to take place throughout VARIOUS CITIES this fall. The production is sure to have audiences on the edge of their seats, while also leaving them with a message of hope and encouragement.

Mrs. Independent, based on a true life story, takes audiences on a riveting, yet thought-provoking journey of exploring questions like Can a woman still love her husband if she is the primary breadwinner? Will the roles reverse with her wearing the pants while he ultimately works to honor her every demand? But, what if he is a good man thats faithful and does actually contribute to the household? Is it possible that true love, affection and Godly integrity can be restored to the marriage?

I am really excited about bringing 'Mrs. Independent' to a number of cities this fall, said Priest Tyaire, Playwright, Actor and Producer of the production. The play highlights the struggle a couple experiences when the wife is the primary breadwinner, while her husband still tries to maintain his role as the head of the household. While the play reflects an important, socially relevant issue, it is delivered in an inspirational and entertaining way that captivates all audiences."

In Mrs. Independent," Priest Tyaire and Robin Givens take on the leading roles. Trey (Priest Tyaire), maintains an honest and respectable salary of $ 40,000 a year as a head mechanic, while his wife, Carleena (Robin Givens), climbs the corporate ladder as an attorney and advances to a six figure salary. This creates a financial imbalance in the home which leads the marriage on a downward spiral of emotional and spiritual conflicts. Critics are saying that If you dont see any other play, you must see Mrs. Independent."

Priest Tyaire is a breakthrough playwright who has produced life-changing stage plays through his inspirational productions - The Tears of a Teenage Mother, Torn Between Two Fathers, and, The Wrong Shade of Black to name a few. In fact, his show, Mrs. Independent, has been so successful, that it received rave reviews in leading media outlets - The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun Times, on Fox TV, and in Eclipse Magazine.

In addition, Priests personal struggle on his journey of success is highly compelling. It was his mothers battle with cancer which initially led him to becoming a playwright back in 2007. Moreover, he was faced with fighting to keep his dream alive after the painful experience of losing her just two weeks before she was able to see his first play that was dedicated to her life. And finally, the destructive relationship he personally endured with someone who treated him less than a man because of his economic challenges and educational status (at that time) which pushed him to go back to school to pursue his career goals, and, to ultimately write his highly acclaimed play Mrs. Independent.

For more information on Priest Tyaire click here: http://www.mrsindependenttheplay.com/#!priest-tyaire

# # #

To arrange an interview, please contact:

Kimberley P. Brown,

PR/Marketing, Principal

Core Insights 360

Email: kbrown(at)coreinsights360(dot)com

Phone: 1.404.314.2900

Fax: 1.866.636.3047



Ellisons Organics to Gift Doctor Who Collection Nail Polish at GBKs Luxury Gift Lounge for New York Fashion Week

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) September 03, 2014

Ellisons Organics (http://www.ellisonsorganics.com) is bringing Doctor Who style to GBKs Luxury Gift Lounge in Honor of New York Fashion Week with the inclusion of its three-free, vegan nail lacquer Bigger on the Inside in The Artisan Group