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Movie Review: This Is Where I Leave You
I went into This Is Where I Leave You with trepidation, mostly having to do with its director, Shawn Levy. The man behind such standard-lowering hits as Cheaper By the Dozen and the Night at the Museum movies, Levy is the filmmaker version of that old ...
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Film Review: 'Samba'
Given the country's widespread concern with immigration and integration (not just resistance to the arrival of outsiders, but objections to how they adapt to the Gallic way of life), xenophobia has been the pervasive subtext of French cinema for at ...
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Toronto Film Review: 'The Grump'
Along the way, they give the film and their irascible lead some depth and heart by including poignant archival footage and photos of the good old days that he constantly references. (Per press notes, Karukoski made the film for his own father, a man of ...
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Rage at Dawn (Randolph Scott) (1955) – Watch Western Movies Online (Full Length)

Full Movie: Rage at Dawn (Randolph Scott) (1955) - Watch Western Movies Online (Full Length) Rage at Dawn is a 1955 American Western film by RKO Pictures starring Randolph Scott and Forrest...
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MEDICC Founder Gail Reed Delivers Talk on the Latin American Medical School at TEDMED 2014

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) September 12, 2014

MEDICC today announced founder Gail Reed delivered an inspirational talk on the Latin American Medical School (ELAM) at the TEDMED 2014 conference in Washington, DC, the health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference. The first speaker in the session Flat Out Amazing, Reed highlighted the unique mission of ELAM: to train physicians for the people who need them most, offering free scholarships and medical training to students from around the world who pledge to return home to practice medicine in underserved communities.

Since its founding in 2005, ELAM has graduated 23,000 doctors, with 10,000 more in the pipeline, making it the worlds largest medical school. Graduates come from 83 countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia, to study in Havana; and enrollment has grown to 123 nations. More than half the students are young women. The diverse study body represents over 100 ethnic groups, speaking 50 different languages.

Describing the critical need for ELAM training and its physicians, Reed explained, Because our global health crisis is fed by a crisis in human resources, we are short four to seven million health workers, just to meet basic needs.

The curriculum at ELAM covers basic and clinical sciences in Spanish, combined with the unique elements of community-based learning in clinic classrooms and neighborhoods, and an emphasis on integrating principles of public health and preventative medicine.

Reed continued with examples of how ELAM graduates are leading the way and bringing healthcare to communities worldwide: the establishment of Honduras first indigenous hospital and the building of a new public health system for Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

She concluded with a call to action to support the ELAM physicians and described this new kind of doctor that the world needs now in order to provide healthcare for all. Reed said, An ELAM graduate is more likely to be a she than a he; in the Amazon, Peru or Guatemala, an indigenous doctor; in the USA, a doctor of color who speaks fluent Spanish. She is well-trained can be counted on, and shares the face and culture of her patients. And she deserves our support, surely. Because whether by subway, mule or canoe, she is teaching us to walk the walk.

In addition to the speech in Washington, DC, MEDICC hosted viewing parties of Reeds TEDMED talk in Oakland, CA, at Samuel Merritt University and Atlanta, GA, at Emory University. Reeds full TEDMED talk will be available soon on MEDICCs website: http://www.medicc.org

MEDICCs award-winning documentary film


Ellisons Organics to Gift Doctor Who Collection Nail Polish at GBKs Luxury Gift Lounge for New York Fashion Week

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) September 03, 2014

Ellisons Organics (http://www.ellisonsorganics.com) is bringing Doctor Who style to GBKs Luxury Gift Lounge in Honor of New York Fashion Week with the inclusion of its three-free, vegan nail lacquer Bigger on the Inside in The Artisan Group


Directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriquez

Directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriquez
The followup to 2005's eye-popping Sin City is neither the dazzler I hoped for nor the disaster I feared. But "meh" is hardly the reaction you expect from a movie in which Eva Green and Jessica Alba shake their ta-tas and Mickey Rourke and Josh Brolin ...
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Toronto Film Review: 'The Judge'
Gavels are slammed, tempers are lost and bowels are evacuated with great force in David Dobkin's “The Judge,” an engrossing, unwieldy hurricane of a movie that plays like a small-town courtroom thriller by way of a testosterone-fueled remake of “August ...
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Movie review: Finding Fanny is a not-to-be-missed take on life and love
And if the film's line-up is anything to go by -- what with veteran actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapoor sharing screen space with Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, and all of them controlled by Being Cyrus ...
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James Villeneuve – Movie Morons Film Review

James Villeneuve - Movie Morons Film Review

from Movie Morons Film Review

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A Serbian Film – Video Review

Download link to the beat: https://www.mediafire.com/?l9w4yrdbgj1211j I originally...
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To write a movie review, take notes during the movie, decide on a writing style and begin with the positive points in the movie. Write a movie review with ti...
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NFL Follow Your Team – Packers – NFL Films 2013 Season in Review

NFL Follow Your Team - Packers - NFL Films 2013 Season in Review

from 2014 NFL Follow Your Team - Green Bay Packers

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(EVA GAMER) The Movies : #4

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http://www.joblo.com Top 10 Summer Movies of the 20th Century (HD) JoBlo.com Exclusive We count down the groundbreaking summer movies that helped define a generation in the last century, many...
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Krish Sripada's Review – Rabhasa

Krish Sripada's Review - Rabhasa
There is a generational shift in the thinking of the movie-makers. It is gladdening to see that instead of catering to a hero who kills hundreds of guys to prove his macho quotient, they are creating the next uber-hero, who can understand, respect and ...
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The Calling Directed by Jason Stone
The Calling is Jason Stone's film adaptation of mysterious novelist Inger Ash Wolfe's (a.k.a. Michael Redhill) book of the same title. The cast is fronted by Susan Sarandon playing Hazel Micallef, a hardened detective with a host of self-destructive ...
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